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Key Features

  • Wind-permeable design for optimal airflow.
  • Direct ventilation and perforated leather for superior breathability.
  • Pre-shaped contour ensures a perfect fit and enhanced comfort.
  • Stretch zones on shoulder, sleeves, elbow, lumbar region, knee, and lower leg provide unrestricted movement.
  • Interior pocket for convenient storage.
  • Protector pockets integrated into the exterior material.
  • Slider on the shoulder for added protection.
  • Velcro areas for easy attachment of sliders.
  • Push buttons with a rubberized finish.
  • Safety seams for enhanced durability.
  • CE-certified shoulder, elbow, knee, and hip protectors.
  • Back protector installation option.
  • Exterior materials: Genuine cowhide leather (1.1mm thick) and stretch areas (87% polyamide, 13% elastane).
  • Mesh and taffeta lining for optimal comfort (100% polyester).
  • Stretch areas in the interior lining (80% polyester, 20% polyurethane)
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Introducing the pinnacle of rider protection and performance: the Spyro Motorbike Racing Leather Suit. Crafted with uncompromising precision and a dedication to rider safety, this suit is a fusion of cutting-edge technology, superior craftsmanship, and high-quality materials. Designed to empower you to ride at your limit, the Spyro leather suit is the ultimate choice for discerning motorcyclists who demand top-tier gear.

Constructed from premium cowhide leather renowned for its strength and durability, the Spyro motorbike suit offers unparalleled protection in the event of unforeseen mishaps. With a thickness ranging from 1.2mm to 1.4mm, this suit provides an armor-like shield against potential crashes or slides, safeguarding you on every journey.

Ventilation is paramount for comfort, and the Spyro leather suit takes it to the next level. Strategically perforated leather in key areas promotes optimal airflow, ensuring you stay cool even during intense rides. The suit’s thoughtful design incorporates a jacket and pants, which can be worn separately or seamlessly zipped together to form a formidable one-piece suit. A high collar, adjustable cuffs, and ventilation panels on the jacket keep you comfortable and focused, while the option for a fixed one-piece suit provides added versatility.

The meticulous attention to protective details sets the Spyro leather suit apart. Reinforced padding and armor strategically placed on the elbows, knees, and shoulders absorb and disperse impact forces, significantly reducing the risk of injuries. Kevlar, carbon fiber, and synthetic fabrics reinforce critical zones, amplifying the suit’s protective capabilities.

Exceptional craftsmanship is evident in every stitch. Double or triple stitching in critical areas fortifies the suit against tearing, while additional layers of material ensure the seams remain steadfast. The breathable mesh lining guarantees comfort, while high-quality zippers enable effortless wear and removal.

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