Leather Suit SS-106

$ 499.00

Key Features

  • Opulent 1.3 – 1.4mm full grain leather for enduring safeguarding, unshakable resilience, and a caress of comfort
  • CE-certified Viscoelastic foam with memory effect for Shoulder, Elbow, Knee, and Chest
  • Exquisitely pre-curved design for a bespoke fit and elevated agility
  • Over-the-seam TPU Air-injected sliders for seamless motion and amplified safety
  • Strategically orchestrated perforations for a symphony of airflow and enduring comfort
  • Removable and washable mesh liner for an encore of enduring freshness
  • Single-piece four-way stretch panel for a rhapsody of flexibility and unchained motion
  • Dynamic aerodynamic and vented Speed Hump for an area of performance
  • Swift and secure YKK Japanese Speed Zipper closures
  • Inner thigh tank grip for a crescendo of control and unwavering stability
  • Integrated Emergency Contact information socket for a harmonious chorus of safety and tranquillity
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Custom Leather Suit SS-106

Introducing the epitome of adrenaline-fueled excellence: our Full Length One Piece Custom Leather Racing Suit SS-106. More than a mere garment, it’s a finely orchestrated masterpiece meticulously composed to redefine your riding encounters. Brace yourself to dominate the tarmac and track with an audacious blend of style, confidence, and cutting-edge ingenuity.

Elevate your ride with the unyielding shield of 1.3 – 1.4mm full-grain leather, each thread chosen with discerning precision for its exceptional strength, unwavering durability, and unparalleled comfort. This isn’t just a suit; it’s an embodiment of fearlessness, primed to conquer every roadblock and challenge on your path.

Reimagine safety with our revolutionary CE-certified Viscoelastic foam, a technological marvel seamlessly harmonizing with the Shoulder, Elbow, Knee, and Chest regions. This intelligent foam adapts, evolves, and embraces your body’s contours, crafting an impeccable fit that responds dynamically to your every move, ensuring your control remains unwavering.

Experience the fusion of art and engineering with the suit’s pre-curved design at pivotal flex points – Elbow, Shoulder, Hip, and Knee. This precision-tailored fit propels you into a realm of effortless movement, boosting your agility as you navigate twists, turns, and rapid stretches with the elegance of a true maestro.

Embrace the thrill of unbridled motion with over-the-seam TPU Air-injected sliders, elegantly gliding over your shoulder, elbow, and knee zones. No more friction, no more constraints – just an unbroken symphony of connection between you and the asphalt.

Stay composed, collected, and cool even amidst the heat of action, thanks to the suit’s strategically positioned perforated leather. A symphony of optimal airflow guarantees you remain at the perfect temperature throughout your expedition. And with the removable and washable mesh liner, every ride becomes an encore of freshness and exhilaration.

Unleash the power of flexibility with a single-piece four-way stretch panel thoughtfully situated in the crotch area. This ingenious addition grants you the freedom to move without bounds, empowering you to embrace each curve and bend with impeccable finesse and precision.

Awaken the spirit of a road warrior with an aerodynamic and vented Speed Hump, elegantly cleaving through the wind and propelling your performance to extraordinary heights. The swift and secure YKK Japanese Speed Zipper closures stand as sentinels, ensuring you’re poised for whatever audacious challenge awaits.

Embark on a journey where every ride becomes a crescendo of excitement, and the road transforms into your grand stage. Our Full Length One Piece Leather Racing Suit emerges as your guiding opus, a symphony of protection and innovation that accompanies you on every twist and turn. Embrace the spotlight, seize the moment, and ride with the unshakable certainty that you’re enveloped in an ode to brilliance.

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