Textile Jacket SS-505

$ 125.00

Signature Craftsmanship:

    • Material Alchemy: Crafted from Cordura fabric, an epitome of strength and resilience.
    • Engineered for Exploration: Resilient against wear, tear, and the elements, our Cordura jackets are your exploration companions.
    • Enhanced Safeguarding: Specialized coatings and treatments elevate protection against the elements.
    • Dual-Layer Guardian: High-impact areas fortified with CE-rated rubber and plastic protectors and Cordura fabric.
    • Supreme Comfort: Lightweight, flexible, and ventilated – our jackets redefine comfort on the ride.
    • Collar Luxury: Foam padding and soft micro fabric redefine comfort, even amidst the thrill of adventure.
    • Tailored Elegance: Cuff and waist adjustments adorned with fastener straps, tailored to your style.
    • Unified Ride: Trouser attachment zip ensures your ensemble remains unbroken, no matter the speed.
    • Style with Individuality: A spectrum of designs, colors, and sizes, tailored and customized to match your journey.
    • Adaptive Versatility: Removable liners and adjustable waistbands amplify comfort and adaptability.
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Textile Jacket SS-505

Sambly Sports proudly presents the Cordura Motorbike Jackets – an ode to innovation, resilience, and style that will revolutionize your riding escapades. Crafted from the remarkable Cordura high-performance fabric, these jackets are more than garments; they’re a testament to unmatched strength, unwavering durability, and resistance that defies the elements.

Unveiling Cordura Excellence:

Material Alchemy: Cordura, meticulously woven from tightly interlaced nylon fibers, embodies strength. With densities surpassing 1000 denier, Cordura’s fibers redefine toughness. Its adaptability spans compositions from polyester to cotton, tailored for distinct applications.

Engineered for Exploration: Sambly Sports Cordura Motorcycle Jackets embody the spirit of resilience. Thoughtfully designed to conquer the most challenging terrains, these jackets are the companion of choice for riders who chase adventure. They’re custom-made to embrace challenges head-on.

Elevated Armor: Our Cordura jackets undergo specialized treatments that amplify their capabilities. Coated with compounds like polyurethane, they transform into impervious shields against water. Additives elevate their resistance to UV radiation, chemicals, and unforeseen adversaries.

A Fortress of Protection: Delicately crafted, Sambly Sports Cordura Textile Jackets strategically fortify high-impact zones with CE-rated rubber and plastic protectors, fortified by Cordura fabric. This dual-layered fortress ensures unparalleled protection during unexpected falls, minimizing potential injuries.

Ultimate Comfort: Beyond its rugged exterior, the Sambly Sports Cordura Jacket boasts remarkable lightness and flexibility. Comfort reigns supreme, transforming every ride into an experience of sheer comfort. Incorporated mesh and breathable panels enhance ventilation, ensuring you stay cool under pressure.

Collar Luxury: Elevating comfort, our jackets feature soft micro fabric and foam padding on the collar. Cuff and waist adjustments, fortified with fastener straps, provide a tailored fit that reflects your personal style.

Adventure-Ready: Crafted with practicality in mind, the jacket is equipped with a zip for trouser attachment, ensuring your ensemble remains united even at high speeds.

Crafted to Reflect Your Essence: Sambly Sports Cordura Jackets celebrate your distinct style. With an array of designs, colors, and sizes, each jacket becomes a canvas for personal expression. But the journey doesn’t end here – our jackets can be fully customized to your measurements, guaranteeing a fit that’s entirely yours.

Beyond Style, Beyond Comfort: Versatility reigns supreme. Our jackets embrace additional features like removable liners and adjustable waistbands, amplifying the adaptability you need both on and off the road.

Etch Your Legacy:

Sambly Sports Cordura Motorbike Jackets aren’t just garments; they embody your strength, character, and the spirit of adventure. As you ride, let your jacket become a living testament to the roads you’ve conquered, the dreams you’ve pursued, and the memories you’ve woven along the way.

Carve Your Legacy, Embrace the Journey:

Sambly Sports Cordura Motorbike Jackets – where style, fortitude, and personalization unite for a journey that’s exclusively yours.

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