Textile Jacket SS-504

$ 125.00

Signature Features:

    • Material Marvel: Crafted from Cordura fabric, a fusion of strength and durability that’s second to none.
    • Built for Adventure: Resilient against wear and tear, our Cordura jackets are built for extreme conditions.
    • Enhanced Protection: Specialized coatings and treatments elevate protection against the elements.
    • Dual-Layer Defense: High-impact zones fortified with CE rubber and plastic protectors and Cordura fabric.
    • Comfort Zone: Lightweight, flexible, and breathable, our jackets redefine comfort on the road.
    • Soft Micro Fabric: Collar comfort, enhanced with foam padding, elevates your riding experience.
    • Tailored Fit: Cuff and waist adjustments with fastener straps for a personalized fit.
    • Seamless Connection: Zip for trouser attachment keeps your outfit unified and secure.
    • Style with Substance: A plethora of designs, colors, and sizes, tailored and customized to perfection.
    • Versatile Options: Removable liners and adjustable waistbands offer flexibility and comfort.
    • Unleash the Road Warrior in You:
    • Sambly Sports Cordura Motorbike Jackets – where style, protection, and personalization converge for the ultimate riding experience.
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Textile Jacket SS-504

Elevate Your Ride with Cordura Mastery:

Introducing Sambly Sports’ Cordura Motorbike Jackets – a symphony of innovation and durability that redefine your riding experience. Crafted from high-performance Cordura fabric, these jackets are not just outerwear, but your armor against the road, with exceptional strength, unparalleled durability, and resistance that stands the test of time.

Unveiling Cordura Excellence:

Material Marvel: Cordura, woven from dense nylon fibers, boasts structural integrity like no other. With fiber densities typically at 1000 denier or higher, Cordura’s strength transcends traditional fabrics. Depending on its purpose, Cordura may even incorporate materials like polyester or cotton, showcasing its versatility.

Built to Last: Sambly Sports Cordura Motorcycle Jackets embody the essence of toughness. Resilient against wear and tear, they are built for extreme conditions. Ideal for motorbike enthusiasts, these jackets are crafted to withstand the relentless demands of riding.

Enhanced Armor: Our Cordura jackets undergo specialized treatments for superior performance. Coated with polyurethane or other substances, they become waterproof or water-resistant, a testament to their adaptability. Additives are applied to elevate resistance to UV radiation, chemicals, and other threats.

A Shield of Protection: Designed with precision, Sambly Sports Cordura Textile Jackets strategically reinforce high-impact zones with CE rubber and plastic protectors, complemented by Cordura fabric. This dual-layer approach ensures unparalleled protection in the event of accidents or spills, safeguarding you from potential injuries.

Comfort Redefined: Despite its rugged construction, the Sambly Sports Cordura Jacket remains surprisingly lightweight and flexible. Comfort takes center stage, making every ride a breeze. Incorporated mesh and breathable panels further enhance ventilation, keeping you cool under pressure.

Soft Micro Fabric Comfort: Our jackets embrace comfort with soft micro fabric and foam padding on the collar, offering a touch of luxury even in the midst of adventure. Cuff and waist adjustments, fortified with fastener straps, allow for a tailored fit that suits your style.

Ready for the Journey: Designed with practicality in mind, the jacket features a zip for trouser attachment, ensuring your outfit stays in place no matter how fast the road takes you.

Personalized Style: Sambly Sports Cordura Jackets are a canvas for your unique style. Available in an array of designs, colors, and sizes, each jacket is tailored to your individual preference. And we don’t stop there – jackets can be fully customized to your measurements, ensuring a fit that’s truly yours.

Beyond Looks: Versatility reigns supreme. Our jackets offer add-on options like removable liners and adjustable waistbands, providing the flexibility you need on and off the bike.


Unleash Cordura Mastery:

Sambly Sports Cordura Motorbike Jackets are more than just gear – they’re a statement of strength, individuality, and endurance. As you ride, let your jacket be a testament to your journey, a symbol of the road less traveled.

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